A Light in the Tunnel

A Light in the Tunnel
: Abraham Gordon
: 508
: Fiction : General
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"A Light in the Tunnel” tells the story of those trying to find purpose in their lives, and how they discover it through engaging in strategically wise action. “A Light in the Tunnel,” is about children who become real adults. A father with unconventional parenting methods, a son bent on reaching his potential, the power of partnership, the proper utilization of money, reforming the education system; all in a gripping story.

This is a tale of a small cohesive unit which takes on transforming one behemoth institution after another. In order to best utilize their time of life, these characters embrace risk as a ‘practice for the enlightened.’ They take actions of peaceful revolution in order to exemplify what it means to really care. Most importantly, “A Light in the Tunnel” is about those who attempt to push past social constraints in order to redirect the masses.

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