Crystal Healing: Choose Your Crystal (Find Your Talisman or Amulet) (Crystals Book 2)

Crystal Healing: Choose Your Crystal (Find Your Talisman or Amulet) (Crystals Book 2)
: Sophie Allison
: JKpublishing
: 39
: Non Fiction : General
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ξ Choose Your Own Crystal ξ

Crystals are a raw definition of earth’s magical gift. It has a unique energy field within it that aids the body in healing, aligning and re-engineering the energy levels within your body.

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Crystals are the same as magic.

For centuries, spiritual healers have used crystals in healing and sanctification purposes. The earth is reawakening to the endless healing possibilities of this rock. This awakening has brought about an increase in the number of devotees seeking the mercy of this magical stone. And this time they are coming back home in their millions. BONUS will attract luck and good fortune in your lives.


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