The Scorecard Killer: The Life of Serial Killer Randy Steven Kraft

The Scorecard Killer: The Life of Serial Killer Randy Steven Kraft
: Jack Smith
: Maplewood Publishing
: 99
: Non Fiction : General
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Find out about one of the most heinous serial killers in the USA’s history, his way of operating, murders and what happened to him afterward.
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Randy Steven Kraft, a Southern California man who appeared to be a normal computer programmer, spent his evenings seeking hitchhikers and unsuspecting bar hoppers for sadistic thrills that only he enjoyed. He is Southern California’s most prolific serial killer, and possibly the most prolific serial killer in the modern United States. His ‘kill list’ a.k.a. as the scorecard has a total of sixty-five murders on it, but some claim he may have murdered as many as one hundred people – or even more.

Randy Kraft killed many innocent men, and he’s currently paying for his heinous crimes on death row in California’s San Quentin State Prison. The authorities may never know how many people Kraft actually killed.

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