Worst Summer Camp Ever! (a Brad Finkley book)

Worst Summer Camp Ever! (a Brad Finkley book)
: Jennifer Waddle
: Noble Theme Press
: 78
: Kids : General
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Brad Finkley should have known something was up when his mom met him at the door with a flyer that said, "Congratulations, you are officially registered for Camp W.A.W." Brad's mom had NEVER let him go to summer camp before! She'd been too afraid he would sleepwalk into the lake or bring bedbugs home in his suitcase. So, why was she FINALLY letting him go this year? And why did she have a freaky looking grin on her face? Find out what happens to 11-year-old Brad Finkley when his dad drops him off at summer camp--the WORST SUMMER CAMP EVER! (and I mean ever)
A laugh-out-loud book for kids ages 10-14

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