Worst Summer Camp Ever! (a Brad Finkley book)

Worst Summer Camp Ever! (a Brad Finkley book)
: Jennifer Waddle
: Noble Theme Press
: 78
: Kids : General
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A MUST for your child's SUMMER READING LIST!

"I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN it was going to be bad—real bad—when my mom told me I was registered for summer camp. She had NEVER let me go to summer camp before! She’d always been too afraid I would get food poisoning from the mayonnaise packets or sleepwalk into the lake. But I ignored her freaky looking grin that day and packed my Super Deluxe Backpack with everything I would need for surviving in the wilderness. It wasn’t until my dad dropped me off that I realized where I was—at the Worst Summer Camp Ever!" (and I mean ever)
Find out what zombie mice, dreadlocks, and a hideous men’s swimsuit all have in common, as 11-year-old Brad Finkley finds himself stuck at the worst summer camp he could ever imagine! A laugh-out-loud book for kids!

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