The Secret of Their Midnight Tears

The Secret of Their Midnight Tears
: Austin Gisriel
: 161
: Fiction : General
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Three young men, two young women, one world war.

Elizabeth Bittner is in love with Bill Hall whose smooth singing voice enthralls her. She can’t imagine a more exciting place than her home town of Marsh Point, but Pearl Harbor will bring a very adult world to her doorstep. For Veronica Marsh, Pearl Harbor is just the national catastrophe that follows her personal catastrophe.

For Veronica’s brother Buck, and the Hall boys, Johnny and Bill, the war will mean the end of their care-free days of baseball and summer evenings in the town’s amusement park. First Johnny, and then Buck join the Marine Corps, but Bill is unable to serve.

Johnny and Buck know their enemy on Guadalcanal and can seek him out in the shadows of the jungle. Back home in Marsh Point, however, the enemy of uncertainty is also in the shadows, but it cannot be subdued as easily. It will be difficult to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day, 1942.

What was it like to be young in that fateful summer of 1941? Order now to return in time and take this moving journey, then order The Boys We Knew, the second book in the planned trilogy, which takes the characters through D-Day.

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