Outcast of Empire: A Warpmancer Story (Devil Child Book 1)

Outcast of Empire: A Warpmancer Story (Devil Child Book 1)
: Nicholas Woode-Smith
: 191
: Fiction : SciFi
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She will defy an empire…

Re’lien, a young alien girl on a frontier planet, is the Devil Child. A symbol of all her society hates. She is a blight in the face of the holy Imperial Council, the largest empire the galaxy has ever seen.

She is tortured every day for a crime she did not commit, until she is saved by a stranger …

Now, Re’lien knows there is more to life than being tortured. She wants revenge against those who wronged her. But can a young girl and a handful of rebels stand up to the Empire itself?

If your heart thumps at the possibility of exploring alien cultures, you'll love Outcast of Empire.

The Devil Child Series is a three book trilogy set before and during the Warpmancer Series. It can be read before or after Fall of Zona Nox, but is essential reading before reading past Rise of the Defiant.

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