The Quest For The Bone Idol (Skullenia Book 4)

The Quest For The Bone Idol (Skullenia Book 4)
: Tony Lewis
: Creativia
: 260
: Fiction : Mystery
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Yo ho ho, shiver me timbers, and other pirate-related sayings.

After Stitches wins a competition at The Bolt and Jugular, Ollie and the boys take a well-deserved break from the detective agency. As they embark on a cruise, it seems like fate might be finally smiling down on them.

But what begins as a relaxing holiday turns into a voyage of intrigue and mayhem on the high seas, as the intrepid explorers get in a mystery involving a strange relic, a dangerous enemy, and a rather bawdy crew of pirates with interesting beards.

Will Flug ever stop being seasick - and can Ollie & the gang unravel the mystery of the Bone Idol?

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