City of Deception (The White City Series Book 1)

City of Deception (The White City Series Book 1)
: Alexa Mackintosh
: 451
: Fiction : General
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When 17-year-old Natalia Alkaev is chosen to live in the Royal palace, she is thrust into a world of lies, betrayal, and love.

Since she joined the rebellion, she has trained as an information processor for the growing revolution against the Royal family. She is told they are fighting a dictator who will take the throne in the future. With new time travel technology, the rebels plan to stop the dictator before he or she can claim the throne.
Controlling the future is the key to everything. But when Natalia is chosen as the new royal ward to appease the classes, she must hide her revolutionary past from the Royals or be killed, all the while gathering information to feed back to the rebels.
She soon learns who the real villains are, and it’s not the Royals she despises.
It’s someone much closer to her.
(There is a book trailer that you can watch at Just copy and paste the address in your browser or look up "City of Deception Book Trailer.")

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