Resistance (Graves Book One): A Dystopian Cyberpunk Thriller

Resistance (Graves Book One): A Dystopian Cyberpunk Thriller
: L. E. Erickson
: JMA Publishing
: 468
: Fiction : Drama
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There's the right way. And then there's the Graves way.

"Graves is a cyberpunk-ish fantasy thriller with a tight plot, engaging characters and deep lore, and it feels like it’s gonna be big..."

Ardica City was supposed to be a safe haven. For Daria Novotny, disaffected wielder of an outlawed ability, it's anything but.

Daria and her family are forced to seek refuge on a high-tech city-ship whose government would lock her up just for being who she is. When Daria rebels against her law-abiding brother and resorts to theft to feed her family, she winds up with blood on her hands and is coerced into joining Graves, a gang of hackers and other assorted criminals.

Surrounded by people she'd like to trust and is sure she shouldn't, Daria does her best to do as she's told and avoid trouble. But when military crackdowns endanger lives, she must learn to take a stand—before she and others like her lose more than just their freedom…

Fans of cyberpunk and dystopian thrillers will enjoy this action-packed Shadowrun-like adventure.

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