A PET CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Human-Animal Relationships

A PET CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Human-Animal Relationships
: Kostas Dimitriadis
: 27
: Non Fiction : General
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«I looked at a dog, and when our eyes met, I realized that the dog and all other creatures are my family; they are like you and me.»
Ziggy Morley

Is it really possible that the interaction of man with an animal is capable of changing his psyche and the course of his life? Is it possible for animals to succeed where man himself has failed many times? It may seem bizarre at first, but with a closer look it seems that it is more than possible; it seems to be fateful, as the common fate of our evolution and the common roots of our instincts and our emotions.
Our common biological background and the absence of pretense in an animal’s behavior, gives us the chance to understand, feel and experience emotions we forget exist and discover lost pieces of ourselves. Perhaps, in general, our efforts to explain our experiences are not as valuable as the experience itself. And that experience, our interaction with animals, is so shocking that it is enough to give a new meaning to our lives on its own.

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