The Money Lender: Tales from a small town in South India

The Money Lender: Tales from a small town in South India
: Manju Nambiar
: 72
: Kids : General
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Romance readers and chicklit will love it, for the short stories are about relationships and the happy-even-after. The stories are genuinely sweet. The characters come across in only a few words, and it doesn’t matter where you live, some of these people will be immediately identifiable. It seems small towns are much the same the world over.
There’s enough depth to these stories that they will happily distract anyone looking for a coffee break book or light diversion. The only people who won’t like it are action fans, since it is definitely not for them. (

Having had a penchant for all written words for almost 17 years now, and recently for short stories especially, I must suggest this book as a highly recommended one for fellow readers. Read, and dive into an ocean full of human emotions and weird situations, with love as it’s core and screwed up attraction. - Anuradha Gupta (Book reviewer and blogger)

Written in simple language, The Money Lender is a fast read, humorous book which one can finish reading in one sitting. I absolutely loved the book - Aparna Nayak (Book Reviewer)

There is a freshness in the writing.The pace is steady in each story. Nothing extra or missing here.More stories. The book is merely 60 pages but still I took time out to read it slowly and savour it. - Nilima Mohite (Blogger)

I must say that the author has a flair for weaving tales with a touch of humour while also showing how life can be improved upon by changing one’s way of thinking. - Sundari Venkatraman (Romance Author)

t deals with an interesting collection of situations and people, accounts compiled by a money lender who believes in the process of making money, but does not wish to lose the things that money can’t buy. If you are looking for a quick delightful read, this is the book for you. (Author)

Short and Fun read!

Truly Entertaining and Witty.

The book is a collection of short stories, narrated through the eye of a small town money lender. As the story unfolds, we get introduced to the unique characters in the town and their bizarre issues. How the money lender provide solutions to their problems in the most humorous and practical manner form the crux of the book.

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