Is Anybody Out There?: An Expanded Excerpt From Our Cosmic Story (OCS Book 2)

Is Anybody Out There?: An Expanded Excerpt From Our Cosmic Story (OCS Book 2)
: Mathew Anderson
: 48
: Non Fiction : General
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"This is a great read... Mathew was able to distill an enormous amount of information to tell "our cosmic story" and give an overview that is engaging and easy to read. Buying this book is a no-brainer. - Amazon Reviewer of Our Cosmic Story

‘Is Anybody Out There?’ is an expanded excerpt of Chapter 9 from the complete book, Our Cosmic Story. This excerpt is the climax of what is brought forward in the book on the chance of life and civilizations to exist elsewhere in the Universe. If you are not able to read the entirety of Our Cosmic Story, this excerpt will give you the end-result of what we talk about… is anybody out there?

Chapter Overview:

Is Anybody Out There?
The Drake Equation
Detecting Another Civilization
The Fermi Paradox
The Great Filter
New Equations Are Needed
Summary: A Lonely Pale Blue Dot

More about Our Cosmic Story:

Our Cosmic Story is a big picture view of our Universe and the potential it has for life and civilization. We start by looking back at the story of Earth and its great civilizations, understand how life itself evolved Homo sapiens, review the challenges and risks that a species entails in developing a civilization and growing into a space-fairing entity, and then explore the makeup of the Universe to gain insight into the chance of other sentient creatures living elsewhere.

The quest to reach beyond the confines of our world is a natural consequence of being a very small part of a grand and dynamic Universe. Looking up at the sky instills within us some expectation that we are not alone, and we wonder if there is not something amazing happening out there somewhere. This sense of awe may not be exclusive to Earthlings; for in a galaxy truly far away, there could be creatures with similar musings as they peer towards our corner of the Universe. The idea that we share a common experience with others in the cosmos is something to keep in mind while reading this book.

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