Easy Peasy Tasty Salads: A Salad Cookbook of Fast and Easy Homemade Salad Recipes

Easy Peasy Tasty Salads: A Salad Cookbook of Fast and Easy Homemade Salad Recipes
: Emily Brown
: 112
: Non Fiction : General
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A complete salad meal plan with delicious recipes - turn each and every weekend of the year into a holiday with 52 Easy Peasy Tasty Salads!

If you are tired of sameness and wonder how to make delicious and unusual salads, if you are not afraid to experiment and would like to be always ready for special occasions - you need this cookbook.

Emily Brown shares her wide cooking experience and helps you turn vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, chicken, mushrooms, beans into more than 50 salad recipes, both classic and unexpected, seasonally inspired, salads for every meal of the day and any holiday of the year:

  • Chicken Salads together with various vegetables, fruits and greens
  • Seafood Salads with best matching ingredients to normalize cholesterol level
  • Mushroom Salads so unexpectedly delicate with white sauce and other dressings
  • Warm Beef Salads, Potato Salads to feed and surprise your guests
  • Fish Salads with fruits which will make you salivate
  • Spicy Eastern Salads with carrots are definitely new for you
  • Fruit Salads with cheese and vegetables - bet you haven't had any idea of that!
  • Easy-to-cook Vegetable Salads - all you need for weight control... and even more fresh salad ideas!

Simple and affordable salad recipes, healthy and helpful tips about main salad ingredient, plant-based dressings and homemade dressings perfectly combined and collected in one book. Turn your life into holiday right now with this book.

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