The Homemade Housewife: The last book you will ever need on homemaking and frugal living

The Homemade Housewife: The last book you will ever need on homemaking and frugal living
: Kate Singh
: 156
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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What if you had a friend that had all sorts of advice on homemaking, budgeting, being frugal but wanting for nothing, and homeschooling? What if this friend could show you how to create a household budget from A to Z that would cut your bills in half...or almost? She could give you some advice on Urban farming with super easy ways to compost and how to travel, have the guest stay over, throw all sorts of parties and really celebrate the holidays on pennies. She would even show you how to decorate a home from garage sales and dress well from thrift stores. Then she had all these recipes for scratch cooking, household cleaners, and even homemade cosmetics! She could even help you with the children and create free home based playgrounds, homeschools, and great nutrition, safety proofing the house, and making emergency kits. Wow, what a handy friend! Well, she's right here. This is a homemaker that knows her stuff and wants to help you live a wonderful lifestyle in a sustainable and inexpensive way. No matter what budget you are working with, a military salary, fixed income, disability, one income family...there is so much advice here. Even the frugal veteran might pick up a thing or two. There is even advice for getting out of debt and building a savings fast and ideas on making some money from home. How about buying a home and fixing it up on a budget? She has done it all and raised a family on one small income and managed to keep her homemaking position for years. Let her share all this good stuff with you.

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