Bellevere House (Vintage Jane Austen Book 3)

Bellevere House (Vintage Jane Austen Book 3)
: Sarah Scheele
: 262
: Fiction : General
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Even in the Depression era, the Havertons manage to have fun. And get into lots of trouble for their cousin to manage.

Faye Powell has lived with her wealthy uncle for several years. Her own family back in Tennessee has certainly felt the effects of the Depression, but her cousins haven't. They also haven't had much to trouble them, as indicated by the reckless way they do whatever pops into their heads and expect things to turn out fine. Faye is the family's anchor and moral support, but things start to get a little over the top when her uncle leaves on a business trip and her cousin Myrtle makes a questionable engagement. Once new friends start to pour in around them, including a brother and sister pair with plenty of secrets to hide, each day seems to bring a new mystery. And in the midst of all the mayhem looms the question of Ed, her uncle's son by an earlier marriage. He always seems to have a problem with her--eventually, Faye might even find out what it is.

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