Paleo: The PALEO Epigenetic Diet Bible: Learn the Science of Slim

Paleo: The PALEO Epigenetic Diet Bible: Learn the Science of Slim
: Beran Parry
: OneLifeWellbeing
: 188
: Non Fiction : General
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Do you want to be leaner? Do you want to be a whole lot healthier than you are right now?

Do you really believe deep down that you can be so much fitter than you are right now? Do you believe that knowledge is power? Are you ready to discover the secrets behind the amazing PALEO Epigenetic revolution that’s transforming the lives of millions of people every single day?

Now that knowledge and priceless information is totally available at the tips of your fingers in your very own copy of the Paleo Epigenetic Diet Bible.

All the amazing facts. All the latest research. Crystallized and beautifully explained by the internationally acclaimed bestselling author, nutritionist and health guru, Beran Parry.

Dedicated to a happier, healthier life for everyone, Beran shares the latest medical research and scientific breakthroughs that are revolutionizing health and wellbeing for people just like you.

Everything you ever needed to know about the Paleo Epigenetics revolution - the facts, the methods, the techniques, all the how-to information you’ll ever need to change your life forever. All in one handy manual.

Get on the programme now and get ready to

  • Burn off those unwanted pounds and keep them off forever
  • Turn your body into a super-efficient fat burning machine and Tune your nutritional habits to your body’s own personal needs
  • Discover the secrets behind super-charging your energy levels and Learn how to turn back the clock and make your body younger
  • Enjoy incredibly delicious food every single day and Find out the real meaning of total wellbeing
  • Dramatically reduce the risks of disease and illness

˃˃˃ Intelligent Nutrition

The science just got a whole lot easier as Beran guides you effortlessly through the research and the life-changing understanding that’s putting intelligent nutrition at the centre of the most effective weight-control, health and wellbeing programmes in the world today.

Based on decades of cutting-edge research, the Epigenetic revolution overturns the old model of genetics by revealing the daily influence of environmental factors on your genes - and that includes the food you eat.

Learning to adopt smart nutritional habits to heal the gut can revolutionize health, eradicate an extraordinary range of physical disorders and restore the body to levels of health that are quite astonishing. This is the future of modern medicine.

Following the most natural principles that reflect our evolutionary progress as a species, the Paleo diet provides the perfect complement to the Epigenetic revolution by focusing on food types that support total wellbeing as well as promoting robust health and longevity.

These are the principles that will change your life. These are the facts and scientifically researched conclusions that are now available in one master volume of priceless information and methods.

˃˃˃ You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be leaner and happier. You deserve The PALEO EPIGENETIC DIET BIBLE

We live in an incredibly busy world with so many distractions screaming for our attention that it’s a miracle that we get anything done at all. And then we’re supposed to create space in an already over-crowded day to provide for the needs of our bodies. We’re expected to know somehow what’s healthy and then avoid the temptations of easy, quick, convenience foods. No wonder the world is experiencing an explosion in obesity rates. We make life much so more difficult than it needs to be.

But that challenge is finally over

The Paleo Epigenetic Diet Bible is your new friend and helper, your constant companion and guide on the pathway to total wellness.

Get your copy right now and make the essential difference to YOUR life!

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