How to Write a Novel: Ingredients to a Bestselling Book

How to Write a Novel: Ingredients to a Bestselling Book
: Emma Fisher, Fisher
: Pinnacle Publishers, LLC
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: Non Fiction : General
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Do You Want to Be the Next Bestselling Author? Don't Have Any Idea on How to Get Started?

Perhaps you’ve had this idea brewing in your head for years and years. Maybe you’ve been planning it in notebooks, scribbling it in the corner of homework or reports for work or even on a park bench at your lunch hour. But the problem is…

Where do you begin? How does the first page become the last page and how does one sentence become thousands of them. From a blank page to a book filled with well-crafted prose, memorable characters, witty dialogue, and enough heart to get the attention and the emotions of the reader. This guide is a way to help you start off your work and finally pursue that book of your dreams!

A Preview of What You Will Learn

✔ The 4 Key Elements to Starting Your Novel

✔ Distinct Differences In Outlines & Writing Styles

✔ The Most Important Character Creation Guidelines

✔ Diverse Levels of World Building Strategies

✔ Exactly how to Write a Novel From Beginning to End

✔ Much, much more!

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