T-Fury and Other Stories

T-Fury and Other Stories
: Richard Conti
: 136
: Fiction : Romance
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T-Fury. Andromeda and Stephan meet at a club and are immediately attracted to each other. As their intimacy develops, it is threatened by revelations from their pasts.
Love and Time. Brian and Marcia’s empty marriage leads them both to seek other romantic partners. Brian finds someone from his past. Marcia discovers unknown issues from her past that prevent her from loving her husband, Brian, and her new lover, Rob. She must face the issues and resolve them.
Penelope is a widow left emotionally drained by her husband’s illness and death. She is convinced she will never again feel anything. But she accidentally re-discovers her body’s sensuality, and then bravely explores it with a male escort. Her explorations lead her to re-connect with her feelings, and other people.

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