STEADFAST Book Two: America's Last Days (The Steadfast Series 2)

STEADFAST Book Two: America's Last Days (The Steadfast Series 2)
: D.I. Telbat
: In Season Publications
: 99
: Fiction : Drama
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In America's Last Days, only the Steadfast will prevail!

In STEADFAST BOOK TWO of The Steadfast Series, a post-apocalyptic novella by D.I. TELBAT, death has blanketed America, but one man has emerged as a survivor. Eric Radner has stood against evil and chosen to preserve life against all odds. Setting aside his own safety, he strives to secure the safety of others.

Where panic and pandemic once swept the nation, now a rogue military threatens the West. Every town is forced into subjection, Christians are persecuted, and resistance is smothered by bullets. Even those who hide in the mountains are suspected and hunted.

This novella series follows a Christian survivalist and woodsman through the heartache and heroism of living in America's collapse, following a pandemic scenario. Christian persecution abounds and fear cripples, but one man rises above the uncertain past and looks to a certain future in the hands of a mighty God.

In the midst of America's Last Days, Eric Radner is . . . STEADFAST!

Included: FREE map downloads, character sketch, and a glossary. Cover design by Quest Publications. STEADFAST Book Three follows next in The Steadfast Series, with more novellas to follow soon. Also find Steadfast short stories about other characters at

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