When DayLight Comes: The Journey To Accepting

When DayLight Comes: The Journey To Accepting
: G. Evert Holt
: 212
: Fiction : General
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Finding herself alone, upon the untimely death of her grandmother, young Elayna became increasingly troubled about her future but more than that—she needed to know where her grandmother was, and that she was okay. What is there to hope for after this life? Peace? Torment? Does anything exist beyond the veil of death? She yearned for understanding, direction, and comfort. If she was to find the answers she sought, she could not detour off course due to imprudent effort. Deficit in the foundation in the workings of God and His purposes, she set out on a quest to obtain answers. She needed answers. Was there a god and if so, how would she know? Elayna set out on a quest of discovery. With the mutual help of a friend, she came to believe in the gift of angels and the love of God. Her journey begins—to conquer discouragement, dispel all doubts and continue in purpose … to believe … to know.

The purpose of life can sometimes be difficult to comprehend when life presents so many varying philosophies, theories, ideas and perceptions—leaving a person confused and unsure of how to interpret the who, what , where, how and why of it all; let alone to conclude why the understanding of god, Christ, their angelic servants are so important in our life. How have they become integral to our happiness in and outside this sphere we call earth, our temporary home. Elayna along with her prospective husband Craig embark in a quest of discovery. Digging in a collection of questions and deep contemplation, hoping that in the end, when analyzed, they will have the answer. The answer to ‘Who am I and what does it matter?

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