Hidden in the Dark (Harper Flagg Book 1)

Hidden in the Dark (Harper Flagg Book 1)
: Alyson Larrabee
: Kindle Press
: 347
: Fiction : Drama
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SIXTEEN YEARS AGO HE MURDERED HER MOTHER AND NOW HE'S STALKING HER.He kills quickly and ruthlessly. He's been getting away with it for years. How has he kept his identity a secret? What will it take to stop him?No one knows.He hides in plain sight, and his current obsession is high school golden girl, Harper Flagg.When she was two years old Harper was the only witness to her mother's murder. She's eighteen now, and she's no ordinary teenager. She has spent the past sixteen years preparing for a confrontation with her mother's killer. And her wish is about to come true."Wow, this book had me biting my nails and obsessively turning the pages to see who and what the killer was. It had a Silence of the Lambs feel to it." -Emmie"A different type serial killer story that will keep you awake at night." - Fran

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