Custom-Made Murder (A Chocolate Centered Cozy Mystery Book 8)

Custom-Made Murder (A Chocolate Centered Cozy Mystery Book 8)
: Cindy Bell
: 273
: Fiction : Mystery
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Ally and Charlotte Sweet love working together at ‘Charlotte’s Chocolate Heaven’ making chocolate delights. Ally is excited to finally be meeting Charlotte’s friend, Jeff, who has a special place in Charlotte’s heart.

But everything is put on hold when Jeff is accused of murder. Charlotte believes that he is innocent and enrolls the help of Ally to try and clear his name. Arnold, their lovable pot-bellied pig, and Peaches, their trusted cat, support them in their investigative endeavors.

But with the evidence piling up against Jeff it is a race against the clock to find the murderer before he lands up permanently behind bars.

Will Charlotte and Ally be able to link together the chain of clues to solve the murder? Or has Charlotte been deceived and Jeff really is the murderer?

Recipe Included: Gooey Chocolate Cakes

This is book 8 in the Chocolate Centered Cozy Mystery Series. The main mystery is solved in each book, but the series is best enjoyed when read in order.

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