Indie Gaming: Finding Entrepreneurial Success in Video Games

Indie Gaming: Finding Entrepreneurial Success in Video Games
: Brian Bies
: New Degree Press
: 206
: Kids : Non Fiction
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"Indie Gaming provides insights and a depth of knowledge that you would only expect from an industry veteran." -- David Helgason, Co-Founder of Unity Technologies

The video game industry is poised to change in a significant way. Indie game entrepreneurs are the key to unlocking a future that will redefine how video games are perceived: an art form, an entertainment medium, and a business. Video games are a $100 billion business that will soar to new heights when independent game developers recognize their entrepreneurial roots and hone their skills. After countless interviews with innovators and entrepreneurs at the forefront of the industry, Brian Bies has refined years of industry experience to provide readers with an easy-to-read understanding about how to be an effective entrepreneur in the video game industry. This book highlights essential strategies and tactics necessary to succeed in video games.

The next sandbox for future entrepreneurs to disrupt is an industry that is at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Indie Gaming will show you how entrepreneurship is the next noteworthy event to overtake the video game industry. And what you can do to get in on the ground floor.

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