The Fall of an Overlord: A Prequel to The Calamity

The Fall of an Overlord: A Prequel to The Calamity
: Kevin Potter
: 150
: Fiction : SciFi
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In a world ruled by immense dragon overlords, is freedom a long-lost dream?

Khell is a conflicted dragon. Determined to free his people from the tyranny of his Overlord, he must accept that doing so will violate the only law held sacred by all of dragonkind.

Melli is an iron-willed wyrm of smoke and shadow devoted to protecting her kin and clan.

When their Overlord is left undefended, Khell is propelled into an alliance with Melli and her clan against the tyrant.

Melli accepts the possibility of failure.

Khell recognizes the danger of betrayal.

But if the other Overlords discover the plot, could victory be the worst outcome of all?

The Fall of an Overlord is a Fantasy novella filled with fast-paced suspense, exciting plot twists, and deep characters. If you enjoyed the Dragonlance Saga, the Magister Trilogy, and the Inheritance Cycle, pick up The Fall of an Overlord today!

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