Quiet Refuge

Quiet Refuge
: Linda Tincu Peno
: 345
: Fiction : Mystery
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Abi Fairchild lives in the racial turbulence of 1964 Alabama. While searching for a missing classmate she stumbles into a secret that turns out to be far more sinister than anything she imagined. Soon she is chased through the woods by men who want to kill her or worse. Finding refuge seems slim until a stranger takes a risk to help her. Meanwhile, the Sheriff leads a search team looking for her while he tries to keep the town calm, afraid that misplaced vigilante justice has organized a lynching against an innocent target.

Quiet Refuge, a thriller set in historical Alabama, follows Sheriff Wesley Johnson and his niece Abi, as they each investigate the death of a girl on their own while facing a town that is determined to lynch what might be an innocent man. Fans of A Time to Kill and The Bone Collector will love this action thriller that will take your breath away. ...featured on I'm loving books.

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