Impossible (Fuzed Trilogy Book 3)

Impossible (Fuzed Trilogy Book 3)
: David E Stevens
: Cambridge Free Press
: 356
: Fiction : SciFi
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The third book of the Fuzed Trilogy.
As the men cheer loudly, there’s a brilliant flash and thunderclap. Temporarily blinded, they stumble back from the Humvee, pushed by a blast of hot air and smoke. As the smoke clears … there leader is gone. Where he stood is nothing but the smoldering, melted hood of the Humvee.
She slowly turns 360 degrees, sweeping her hand across the horizon. “Josh, there isn’t a soul in sight. No cars, airplanes or boats.” She pauses. “Who do you think would be watching you?” Looking down the beach and watching the surf erase their footprints, he sighs and says softly, “Not who … what.”
IMPOSSIBLE is the conclusion of the Fuzed Trilogy. There is foreshadowing of a future story, not because the author can’t count how many books are in a trilogy, but because one of you sent the author an email highlighting a brand new technological threat, one that didn’t even exist when the trilogy was outlined. The next story may be considered an addendum or possibly ... the beginning of a new trilogy.

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