Impossible (Fuzed Trilogy Book 3)

Impossible (Fuzed Trilogy Book 3)
: David E Stevens
: Cambridge Free Press
: 363
: Fiction : SciFi
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World Leaders Are Being Assassinated

As the men cheered loudly, there was a brilliant flash and thunderclap. Temporarily blinded, they stumbled back from the Humvee, pushed away by a blast of hot air and smoke. When the smoke cleared, their leader was gone. Where he stood was nothing but the smoldering, melted hood of the Humvee.

She slowly turned 360 degrees, sweeping her hand across the horizon. "Josh, there isn't a soul in sight. No cars, airplanes or boats." She paused. "Who do you think would be watching you?"
Looking down the beach and watching the surf erase their footprints, he sighed and said softly, "Not who ... what."

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