Never Give Up: 20 Life-Changing Steps to Help You Get What You Really Want

Never Give Up: 20 Life-Changing Steps to Help You Get What You Really Want
: Christine John
: CE John Media
: 180
: Non Fiction : General
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“Nobody actually wants to live a mediocre life. Sometimes our lives just seem to follow that path based on the choices we make and the environment we live in. But there is still hope. You can change your life. Taking that first step is the hardest, but you will succeed if you don’t give up!”

NEVER GIVE UP: 20 Life-Changing Steps to Help You Get What You Really Want is a powerful motivational book that will help you to envision the life you’ve always dreamed of and will encourage you to work towards achieving your ambitions, dreams, and goals. This book describes how to overcome obstacles and how to change your mindset to make your dream a reality.

This book consists of the following topics to help you stay focused on getting what you really want out of life:

Life-Changing Step #1: Enlarge Your Vision

Life-Changing Step #2: Decide What You Really Want

Life-Changing Step #3: Retrain Your Brain

Life-Changing Step #4: Change Your Attitude

Life-Changing Step #5: Overcome Your Fear

Life-Changing Step #6: Have Confidence and Believe in Yourself

Life-Changing Step #7: Discover Your Passion

Life-Changing Step #8: Prepare for Your Success

Life-Changing Step #9: Plan Before You Do

Life-Changing Step #10: Seize the Profitable Opportunities in Your Path

Life-Changing Step #11: Ask Questions and Question Everything

Life-Changing Step #12: Move Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Life-Changing Step #13: Step Forward Daily

Life-Changing Step #14: Test Your Limits

Life-Changing Step #15: Attract the Good Things into Your Life

Life-Changing Step #16: Develop Positive Relationships

Life-Changing Step #17: Avoid the Negative

Life-Changing Step #18: Let Go of the Past

Life-Changing Step #19: Unleash Your Maximum Wealth

Life-Changing Step #20: Never Give Up!

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