Hushed: A New Adult sweet romance

Hushed: A New Adult sweet romance
: Joanne Macgregor
: 341
: Fiction : General
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He's a prince of Hollywood. She's his biggest fan. Can love bridge their two worlds?

When 18-year-old Romy Morgan saves her celebrity crush from drowning, she’s offered a job as his personal assistant on location in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. In exchange for entering the exciting world of the movies, she strikes a deal to reinvent herself from top to toe.

Love sparks between her and Logan, but the movie set is a world of illusion, where appearances don’t match reality, and Romy soon discovers that she’s traded her voice for love, and is in real danger of losing both her dreams and her self-respect. When she discovers a dreadful secret with the power to destroy Logan, Romy must choose between love and revenge.

This enchanting romance delivers a love story with all the feels, plus a good twist of humor, and a subtle nod and a wink to The Little Mermaid.

Dive into Hushed today for an exciting feel-good romance that’ll hook your heart, head and funny-bone!

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