Drones (Octagon Concept Series Book 1)

Drones (Octagon Concept Series Book 1)
: Wilson Freighter
: Dandelion Flower Publishing
: 323
: Fiction : SciFi
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Coined a 'MASTER STORYTELLER', Wilson Freighter pens a gripping story of a family struggling against the military might of an alien force. Set in modern day Britain, Drones follows the trials and tribulations of the Dashwood family.

"Drones by Wilson Freighter is a spellbinding first entry into the Octagon Concept Series, a novel that will arrest the attention of fans of science fiction … The writing is excellent, filled with many insightful and emotionally charged descriptions. Readers will also enjoy the plot-driven dialogues that read just so naturally. The characters are compelling and they are well-explored, with enough background information to make the reader feel as though they have known them all along. Drones is a wonderful beginning for a series, a family’s struggle against military invasion. Wilson Freighter is a master storyteller and knows just how to make readers turn the pages." (Readers' Favourite)

"Benjamin Dashwood experienced a bitter divorce with his ex-wife, Jill, but they still feel a strong attraction for each other. They are drawn into a conflict they never saw coming as their daughter, Sian, fights off an unwanted admirer. Things change completely when they discover that the heartless patriarch of the family, Jack Dashwood, an unscrupulous businessman, could be behind the coup to overthrow humanity by an alien race bent on taking control over our world. Faced with a forced vaccination program, the family, joined by a small group of resistant citizens, will have to decide to fight for their planet. But can they withstand the might of an alien military might and the drones that fly everywhere they turn?" (Readers' Favourite)

Before – Book 0
Drones – Book 1
Vaccine – Book 2
Nuclear – Book 3

Look out for other books in the series.

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