Amish Truth Be Told (Peace Valley Amish Series Book 1)

Amish Truth Be Told (Peace Valley Amish Series Book 1)
: Rachel Stoltzfus
: Global Grafx Press
: 151
: Fiction : Drama
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Shame. Deception. Truth.

Inside the Amish community of Peace Valley lurks a shameful double standard. When two women, Lizzie Lapp and Annie Miller, are told by their husbands to abandon their dreams of work outside the home, will they have the strength to protect themselves and their families? Can the light of God's truth transform their community, and their husbands' hearts? Or are some secrets too painful to reveal?

Find out in Truth Be Told, Book 1 of the Peace Valley Amish series. Truth Be Told is a Christian Amish romance that spans three generations.

If you love sweet Amish stories about the transformative power of community and God's love, start reading Truth Be Told now!

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