COMBO PACKAGE: Slow Cooker + Instant Pot Cookbook: Recipes That Are Tasty, Healthy & Easy To Make

COMBO PACKAGE: Slow Cooker + Instant Pot Cookbook: Recipes That Are Tasty, Healthy & Easy To Make
: Kinnari Trivedi
: 325
: Fiction : Romance
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This is a combo package of 2 books in one! There are 150 recipes in 320 pages.
Both books focus on making meals that are Tasty, Healthy & Easy to make.

This combo package includes both the books:

1.“Slow Cooker Cookbook-Top 100 Recipes That Are Tasty, Healthy And Easy To Make”

2.“Instant Pot Cookbook: Top 50 Recipes That Are Tasty, Healthy, And Easy To Make”

Top 150 recipes are based on the following:

Dish must be TASTY!

Dish must be HEALTHY!

Dish must be TIME-SAVER!

Dish must be EFFORTLESS!

If the dish did not meet the above requirements it did not make my Top 150!

I have many recipe books that are focused on grilling, baking, frying. I even tried specific recipes that were raw, paleo, vegan and gluten free. However, I usually didn’t stick to any of these because they weren’t either tasty, healthy or it took too much effort and time. I found myself NOT cooking most of the recipes because of this.

Therefore, I decided to focus my recipes around these criteria.

Each recipe contains the following:

PHOTO: Each recipe has a full color vibrant photo of finish dish. This way you know what your mouth watery dish would look like, before putting in the effort. You may clearly be in mood for eating something over the other.

INGREDIENTS: Today, with so many different dietary restrictions, a quick glance at ingredient list on each recipe tells you if it’s vegetarian, gluten free, high sugar content, oil, etc. It also helps in knowing what to shop for before you start.

DIRECTION: Step-by-Step on how to make your dish. This is very clearly stated in simplified numbered steps.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: If you knew the CALORIES, FAT, CARBOHYDRATE, PROTEIN, SUGAR AND CHOLESTEROL before you start you can manage your diet a lot better. This will help you in reaching/maintaining milestone (weight, diabetes, heart disease, etc.).

THERE ARE NO SURPRISES! I urge you to look inside and see the full list in table of content. I have listed all the recipes so you know before you purchase if this book is right for you. You can also scroll down to see sample recipes so you can see the ease of the format.

Some of the recipes are:

Coconut Milk Quinoa
Pudding Cake
Tasty Chicken Taco Bowl
Pizza Casserole
Garlicky Chicken Pasta
Creamy Chicken Curry
Coconut Salmon Curry
Cheese Butter Rice
Choco Delight Brownies
Blueberry Raspberry Cobbler
Stuffed Peppers
Perfect Salmon
Easy Spinach Lentil Curry
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Spinach Beef Pasta
Vegetable Beef Stew
Classic Pumpkin Pie Pudding

*Look Inside- Table of Content for all 150 dishes*

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