The Turning: Book 1

The Turning: Book 1
: A.L. Noble
: 325
: Fiction : SciFi
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Fans say, "The Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead" in this dystopian novel
In 365 days she will become a big happens to everyone her age...
Zayda and her friends have always accepted their upcoming Transition without question. In Alon, you are born, you grow, and then you Turn. This is the price society must pay for The Cure.
Or is it?
After her older brother, Robinson, is taken away by The Healers, Zayda finds herself struggling to come to terms with The Rules that govern her life. The more she becomes immersed in her search for the truth, the more she realizes her entire existence may be based on a lie. Knowing her time is quickly running out, she must decide between two equally dangerous fates.

Stay the good girl she has always been and wait to Turn.
Find out what secrets lie behind the walls of The Sacred City and stop The Healers.

Either way, her life is going to change forever…

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