Awakening: A Thrilling Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series (Forever Winter Book 1) (The Forever Winter Chronicles)

Awakening: A Thrilling Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series (Forever Winter Book 1) (The Forever Winter Chronicles)
: KM Fortune
: 119
: Fiction : SciFi
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"Fluidly written and offering a different idea about the apocalypse, KM Fortune appears to be an author to pay attention to. I know she has gotten my attention."

The Forever Winter Chronicles star Raven Winter, a woman frozen in time from a freak accident, who is awakened over one hundred years in the future. The world has fallen through plague and nuclear war and she must learn to survive in a harsh winter dystopian landscape filled with peril. Using her own steadfast determination to persevere, and with the help of characters along the way, this ultimate women’s adventure emphasizes the message that if you believe in yourself good can prevail.

The Forever Winter Chronicles make up a serialized adventure aimed at providing the reader a quick 90-minute escape from reality. It is being published in 12 episodes of over 20,000 words each to allow readers and fans to follow along as the story is written.

>>>>>>Excitement about KM Fortune's series<<<<<<<

“Great story that I was hooked on from start to finish! The author has a wonderful way of making you feel part of the main character's survival!”

“Not only is it well written, it's also fast-paced with a strong protagonist and a plot that shows great promise. I really enjoyed reading this book and am anticipating the next installment”

“K.M Fortune is a writer that is worth your attention. At least I got to dream away and be drawn into her vision of a dystopian future. It has a great premise with a lot of disturbing elements. You just crave to know more about the world and the characters in the book. I am left hungry for part 2.”

>>>>>About Awakening<<<<<<

Raven Winter lives a normal everyday life. Until one day, while on vacation, she is involved in an accident which freezes her in time. A century later, her body is found by a scientist on an expedition searching for the key to humanity’s survival. Hoping Raven’s body was frozen before the plague and the nuclear wars which followed it, he revives her. Now Raven, confused and suffering amnesia, is in a world completely alien to her own. All she knows is nothing is as it seems in the underground colony where she is a prisoner. Only one thing is clear. The residents have revived her for a single reason – to take her possibly fertile eggs.

Matthew, a lead scientist in the colony, is shocked when his specimen awakens. Thinking she would remain in a coma forever, he finds himself enthralled by the beauty and intelligence of the woman from the ice. Before long he is faced with a horrible decision – to harvest her or give up all he has ever known to set her free.

Awakening is the beginning of an epic post-apocalyptic story written in the serial novel format. If you like a quick read filled with intrigue and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KM Fortune’s new page-turning book. Buy a copy now to explore the world of “The Forever Winter Chronicles” today and begin an unforgettable journey with book one Awakening.

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