The Pumpkin Eater's Wife: a novel of psychological suspense

The Pumpkin Eater's Wife: a novel of psychological suspense
: Tannis Laidlaw
: 287
: Fiction : Mystery
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New face. New hair. Old name. Jeanette becomes Jeanie once more when her husband falls, guided by a vengeful hand and a woman’s torn soul. The carefully orchestrated accident means freedom … and a chance to start again. For over twenty years she has played the hostess and Queen to his Kingdom, living and breathing for his wants and needs all the while suffering at the hands of rage. Those days are gone; that woman is dead, lost to the past and to a plan long in the making.

Jeanette the Socialite is Jeanie the woman once again, yet staying safe and hidden is harder and far more terrifying than she imagined. Every day she hunts for news of her husband’s demise, yet as each day passes with no report, the feeling of dread only rises. If he is alive, he will find her … he always has. Yet if he is dead, she is a murderer.

When a chance comes to appropriate a new identity, Jeanie makes a choice and sets off for New Zealand, finding a life and purpose amongst the people and foliage. There, perhaps she can finally find peace … and herself. Yet choices have consequences and shadows have eyes….

Raw, open and brutally crafted by a psychologist, The Pumpkin Eater’s Wife is a psychological suspense and compulsive read, one that reaches deep into the psyche and asks the question, “What happens afterward?”

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