Waiting For You (The Guardians: Book 3)

Waiting For You (The Guardians: Book 3)
: D.M. Mortier
: 275
: Fiction : Romance
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He Was Willing To Wait For Her Forever

He called her Duchess before he realized that she was everything he could ever want in his own personal duchess. She is like a little sister to him; however, his feelings for her are anything but brotherly. He had watched her grow into this incredible woman; brilliant, strong, and breathtakingly beautiful.

˃˃˃ She Was Everything He Ever Wanted, Then Tragedy Struck

She has a curvy figure that leaves even a jaded freak like me tongue-tied. Whenever I need a shoulder, she’s always there. I’ve been waiting for her to realize that we are meant to be together. And then the inexplicable happened: she died in a car accident before I could make her truly mine.

On a mission a few months later, I encountered a sassy MI6 agent who seemed incredibly familiar. Am I losing my mind?

˃˃˃ She Had Been Waiting Her Whole Life For This Kind Of Love

Sean is her best friend, her honorary brother. Don’t tell him, but she don’t want or need another brother. She has watched Sean with other women for years and despaired that she would never have her chance with him.

˃˃˃ After Years Watching From The Sidelines, She Finally Gets Her Chance

He came to her when he was at one of his low points, needing her to console him. She offered a shoulder to cry on, but she had no idea that he would need more than a shoulder. He was a dominant and skillful lover, leaving her aching for much more. After such an amazing night, why doesn’t he remember their loving? Now time has run out for them; a life-ending car accident has determined matters.

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