Ketogenic Diet: 60 Quick and Easy Keto Recipes for Beginners - Keto Fast Meal

Ketogenic Diet: 60 Quick and Easy Keto Recipes for Beginners - Keto Fast Meal
: Michael Carell
: 186
: Non Fiction : General
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Congratulation on starting your Ketogenic Diet journey!

Making a decision to change is hard, and soon you will have to face even more challenges. However, in this book, we want to address one of the biggest problems with starting a new diet, and that is FOOD.

Believe it or not selecting a diet to follow is the easy part. It is the readjustment of your meals that caused many to give up. So, the goal of this book is to not only welcome beginners like you into the world of Ketogenic diet but also, offer you a wide range of delicious Keto recipes that can be easily implemented into your daily life.

Knowing that in our modern lives, time has become so scares that we rarely have time to cook for ourselves. In this book, all recipes can be made within 30 minutes! They are all beginner friendly so you can go in and out of the kitchen fast and resume to your important tasks of the day.

It is our mission to simplify your journey, which is why this book is designed to make finding the perfect recipe easy. The recipes in this book are broken down into four parts: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Each recipe includes full nutritional information, so there is no guessing on how many carbs you are consuming. Yes, we mean it when we said, "simplify your journey."

Anyway, without further ado let us begin!

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