Marijuana Cookbook: Cannabis Cooking Basic Guide - Quick and Easy Weed Recipes

Marijuana Cookbook: Cannabis Cooking Basic Guide - Quick and Easy Weed Recipes
: George Green
: 71
: Non Fiction : General
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Cooking with Marijuana is easy when you have the right recipes like the ones included in this cookbook! Whether you are using marijuana for medical purposes or recreational use, learning to cook with this magical herb is an excellent way to get the healthy benefits of Cannabis.
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Marijuana is probably the most controversial plant we know about. Despite its plethora of medical applications, the plant has gained notoriety in recent decades for its recreational uses. However, well-known research organizations and nutritional experts across the world are working to understand better how marijuana impacts our bodies and delivers healthy benefits. Many people do not realize that marijuana extract and infusion-based products deliver many health benefits, and prevent many diseases and disorders.

Inside, you’ll find:
• Introduction to marijuana and its medicinal properties
• Health and wellness benefits
• Techniques and methods for cooking with marijuana
• Lots of quick and easy recipes to get you started including quick bites, hot and cold beverages, baked goods, sauces, proteins, vegetables, and more
• Infusion-based recipes such as the Marijuana Buffalo Chicken, the Cinnamon Canna Cupcakes, and the Italian Espresso Brownies
• Non-infusion recipes like the Banana Cannabis Muffins and the Canna Fruit Milkshake
• And much more!

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