Rock Her Wild (Rock Her Series Book 2)

Rock Her Wild (Rock Her Series Book 2)
: Alyson Hale
: 112
: Fiction : Romance
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Iíve always been the man who never wanted to taste the same pair of lips twice, but sheís created an addiction in me...

Iíve finally met my match, in more ways than one. Iím supposed to be the one who slips away without even a ďgoodbyeĒ after a one-night stand. Now Iím sitting here alone with an ache in my chest and a driving need to find out what the hell is going on in Alexandrea Wardís beautiful head. She targeted me from the moment she met me and effortlessly conned me into playing her games. It was supposed to be one night of unbridled pleasure, but my need for her has become a sickness, and thereís only one cure: making her mine.


Ever since the day my innocence was taken, my life has been a series of bad decisions and close calls. This time, I took it too far and I almost didnít come back from it. All I wanted was one last wild night with a man who was worthy of me. I wasnít counting on bad boy lead guitarist Damien Turner being more than meets the eye.

Heís offering me the world, but do I have the courage to accept it? And what will happen if my attacker decides he isnít finished with me yet?

NOTE: This 18+ rockstar romance is 35,000 word standalone read. Each book in the Rock Her Series can be read independently of the others, but much like the Bangers and their strong women, theyíre better together. This book is for people who don't mind underlying dark themes (triggering subjects such as rape and drug abuse are mentioned without in-depth descriptions).

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