The Hive: Amerika, Best of All Possible Worlds

The Hive: Amerika, Best of All Possible Worlds
: Kenneth R. Tarr
: Truebekon Books
: 300
: Fiction : SciFi
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Throw off the chains that bind you!

The collapse of the great American republic was terrible. To satisfy their lust for wealth and power, evil men enshrined tyranny in their new nation called Amerika, Best of All Possible Worlds.

To maintain control, these new leaders use every means possible, including propaganda, drugs, intimidation, terror, and the ever-present threat of retaliation and death. The masses are also shackled by their blind adoration of their cult hero, Amado Rodriguez, president of the new “republic,” who basks in the glory and praise heaped upon him by his mindless slaves while he exploits them for his own self-interest.

Yet some begin to awaken and yearn for freedom. Joe Barton and Cam Syme, lowly men from the dregs of society, initiate a rebellion against the State, and others soon join them. Normal methods of influence in a free, orderly society—teaching and persuasion—are now useless. They must use subterfuge, lies, infiltration, and violence to fight the unmeasurable forces against them, with little chance of success. How can they ever achieve such an impossible goal?

To regain freedom lost, brave men and women must awake and throw off their shackles, sacrificing their very lives to fight the New World Order.

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