The Emperor's Horn: Magic in the Imperium, Book 1

The Emperor's Horn: Magic in the Imperium, Book 1
: Jordan R. Murray
: 340
: Fiction : General
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The Blades have been hiding in the shadows for long enough.

A millennium after the relic wars, something is stirring—Something silent. Something powerful.

Seekers are scouring the Imperium and its people to collect and control any sources of magic that remain. When one seeker uncovers a legendary horn with extraordinary power, he will have to face the ruthless Tarnished Blades, or risk losing a vital hold on magic in the Imperium.

The resurgence of magic touches Herbert Tanasen and Teguin Dorst, who soon find themselves ensnared in a web of secrets. Herbert has a unique but draining magic that allows him to cultivate plants, while Teguin’s connection with stone is both volatile and dangerous. As Herbert and Teguin learn how to harness their gifts, the hunt to locate lost and forgotten magic escalates around them and puts everything they hold dear at risk.

What unfolds is a breathless adventure where loyalties are tested and hearts are broken. With a cast of brilliantly multidimensional characters who face the shadows of the world with as much strength as cunning, The Emperor’s Horn is a stunning fantasy epic.

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