Pink Hearts: A Romance Collection

Pink Hearts: A Romance Collection
: A.L. Vincent, C.A. Harms, Genevieve Lynne, Marianne Rice, Samatha Harris, Savannah Blevins, Evan Grace, Limitless Publishing
: Limitless Publishing, LLC
: 1408
: Fiction : Romance
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My heart is guarded...but I want to take a chance.
He's so hot and so sexy.
He's all I think about.
But I can't help this too good to be true?
I guess I'll find out sooner or later, then I will decide...If I should I stay or I should go.
Until then, I'm up for the challenge...I think.

7 FULL LENGTH Contemporary Romance novels by International and best selling authors. Some are sweet, some are sexy, but they all have one thing in is definitely in the air!

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