Amazon Echo Dot: A Complete User Guide (2017 Edition)

Amazon Echo Dot: A Complete User Guide (2017 Edition)
: Stephen Lovely
: 81
: Non Fiction : General
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Amazon’s Echo Dot is an amazing device. It features Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant, who can read you the news, play you music, and even order you a pizza. The Echo Dot has just about everything - except for a user’s guide.

No problem: that’s what this book is for. This comprehensive manual introduces you to your all-new Echo Dot (2nd Generation), helps you set it up, and gives you all the tips you need to get the absolute most out of your Alexa device. Written by Stephen Lovely of, Amazon Echo Dot: A Complete User Guide (2017 Edition) is smart, accessible, and complete.

You’ll learn:

  • What the Echo Dot can do for you - and how it compares to other Alexa products
  • How to set up your Echo Dot
  • How to use tasks and skills to control everything from your calendar to your smart home
  • How to troubleshoot problems and solve common issues

The book includes a bonus chapter of more than 200 hand-picked Easter eggs (funny things to ask Alexa).


  1. Why get a Dot?
  2. Setting up your Echo Dot
  3. Using Alexa
  4. Alexa skills
  5. Music and audiobooks
  6. Shopping with Alexa
  7. Alexa and your smart home
  8. Using more than one Echo Dot
  9. Integrating Echo Dot with IFTTT for next-level control
  10. Advanced settings
  11. Troubleshooting
  12. Just for fun - our Easter eggs bonus chapter

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