15 Habits Of Highly Successful People. How To Be More Effective in Life

15 Habits Of Highly Successful People. How To Be More Effective in Life
: John L. Howard
: MeryKo Publishing
: 46
: Non Fiction : Business
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Can you tell that you are successful? How success is measured and how one can gain it? Why successful people differ from the rest? Is success as same as wealth? These are the questions which anyway disturb most of us. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, young or old; it doesn’t matter which position you occupy in the society, and what your income is, feeling that your life is successful comes out of importance. We are going to answer these questions and help you to become really prosperous.
There are numerous interpretations of the term ‘success.’ It depends on which field of human activity it is referred to. Success brings happiness and feeling that life is good. And vice versa unhappy person cannot be called successful. You will not find successful and at the same time unhappy individual. You can be a progressive doctor and invent the cure for an incurable disease, you can be a multimillionaire and own property all over the world, you can be a clerk and work 5 days a week 8 hours a day or you can have 5 children and no work and be successful. Surprised? Yes, you don’t have to own uncountable wealth to be successful. Most of people think that as more money they have as more happy they are.
Success is a multicomponent status which is influenced by many factors. If you don’t have anything from the list in your life it doesn’t mean that you are far from this fortune. Rare people are able to achieve this all together. When children are born they don’t have all the qualities and components of a successful life but they are happy to experience development, growth, goals achievement, identity formation and this way of identity formation brings happiness to them.
Same concerns adults. When you are on the right place, when your goals arouse enthusiasm, when you are sure that everything you need will be achieved and when you appreciate every moment of this fleeting life, only then you are a person who gained success

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