BLINDED: A second chance love story (Elkridge Series Book 1)

BLINDED: A second chance love story (Elkridge Series Book 1)
: Lyz Kelley
: Belvitri Services, LLC
: 345
: Fiction : Romance
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This series beautifully captures the emotionally charged, complex dynamics that come with being part of any community. I hope you laugh and reach for a few tissues as the characters discover what it means to be loved, supported and accepted by the people who mean the most.

Mara can't see him, but she knows his voice. Her heart pangs for what could have been, but he didn’t come home to see her.

After a ten-year absence, the big city detective returns home to Colorado for the funeral. He suspects whoever murdered his brother is part of something more sinister than the Elkridge deputies can handle.

He doesn’t have time for romance, but his heart and Mara have other plans.

If you love a sensual contemporary romance novel, with deep emotional topics, a thread of suspense, and a cozy happy ending, then BLINDED is for you. Get your copy today.

Book Quotes:
“My mom didn’t care what my grades were as long as I kept my knees locked together.”

“Kym attracted men who were betta fish, those colorful little creatures that look gorgeous, but lived alone because they tended to be territorial, aggressive, and pick fights with anything walking by their fish bowl.”
“A catch?” Typical ma. “She makes me sound like a piece of salmon.”
“She better be thinking about losing weight,” Kym chimed in. “Look at all those headstones. I don’t think her fat butt is gonna fit… If it were me, I think I’d prefer to be cremated. I wouldn’t want to deal with a mother who weighed as much as a cow lying on my chest for eternity.”

Author Questions:
Why did you develop Elkridge, your small-town series?
Both my mom and dad grew up in small towns and I loved the idea of a microenvironment for the setting of my series. Since childhood, I heard many fun stories about small-town life. I lived in a fairly small town growing up, so I figured why not create a town in Colorado? Elkridge was pulled from many different elements of nearby mountain towns to create a unique place. Don’t go looking for Elkridge, it doesn’t exist, but have fun visiting through my new series.

You mention in your author notes working with an FBI Special Agent.
Yes, Special Agent Michael Bantner came to speak to our writing group when I lived in Philadelphia. Years later, when I started plotting the Elkridge series, he helped with the technical aspects of the plot. He loved my story idea, and said it was one of the most realistic plots he’d heard. I was very excited. To get some of the local details correct, I also interviewed one of my high school friends, who worked in the local sheriff’s department. I love research, so it was a lot of fun.

Are any characters in BLINDED based on real people in your life?
The character that is most real to me is Sam. My brother, Sam, was always going head first into life. Always wanting to be the hero, he often didn’t listen to other people’s advice. Don’t get me wrong—we were best friends, and I loved him dearly. When he died just before I graduated high school, I was devastated. I can relate to how both Mara and Joey feel about people they love being snatched from their lives. Those feelings are real, and even after all this time, I still can feel the chasm my brother’s absence has left on my heart.

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