Santa Fe Mail Order Brides: Matthew Touched by Grace

Santa Fe Mail Order Brides: Matthew Touched by Grace
: Katherine St. Clair
: Maplewodd Publishing
: 70
: Fiction : Drama
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In this sweet inspirational historical western story, Pastor Elijah Wells is on a mission: find suitable brides for his sons and the single men of his congregation.
Can Grace overcome adversity and find true love in Santa Fe with Pastor Eli's eldest son Matthew?
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Six years ago, following the death of his wife, Pastor Elijah Wells moved his four sons to Santa Fe to build a new church. His congregation grew quickly - and so did his sons. But then he had a problem. They would soon be grown and would want to start families of their own, and the town had very few women. Praying for a solution, Eli posted an advertisement. His prayers (and his ad) were answered by Cece Baker, a widow from Boston, who would join forces with him to find women who, for a multitude of their own reasons, would want to relocate for a chance at a new life...and love. And this is how the Santa Fe Mail Order Bride Agency was formed.

Matthew, Eli's eldest son, is anxious to find a bride, and so he posts the first ad. Will Eli's plan work? Can the agency bring true love to Matthew?

When Grace Williams writes to her new suitor from Santa Fe, she is hoping for a change, and she feels confident that she will find happiness by his side. However, she has no idea what challenges are in store for her. Can she put her trust in the man God chose for her?

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