Crossed Wires: 52 Humorous and Inspirational Short Stories (Life's Outtakes Book 8)

Crossed Wires: 52 Humorous and Inspirational Short Stories (Life's Outtakes Book 8)
: Daris Howard
: Publishing Inspiration
: 116
: Fiction : General
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52 Humorous and Inspirational Short Stories

     These stories are similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul or O.Henry short stories, but shorter having been written for the newspapers and magazines across the U.S. and around the world in the syndicated column Life’s Outtakes. From the inspiration of a World War II soldier’s compassion in Forgiveness to the humor of numerous car problems in Crossed Wires these 52 humorous and inspirational short stories (one for each week of the year) will make you laugh, reminisce, and contemplate the relationships you cherish most. Stories include:

  1. Ordering American Food In Peru

  2. Gaining Strength To Endure

  3. What Students Communicate

  4. How The West Was To One

  5. Those Annoying Things In Life

  6. Different Generations

  7. We Are All In This Together

  8. For Whom The Horn Blow

  9. Loading Pigs

  10. Missing A Halloween Party

  11. Experience Is The Edge

  12. The Death Of Private Orange

  13. Gratitude For What We Have

  14. Sharing Thanksgiving

  15. Mutton Chops

  16. One Ugly Bike

  17. Shop With A Cop

  18. Acting On Good Intentions

  19. A Personal Foul For A Band

  20. A Funeral And A Memory

  21. Tragedy And Unity

  22. A Motivational Teacher

  23. Ad Postings

  24. Athletic Discipline

  25. Valentine's Day Problems

  26. A Crazy Scoutmaster

  27. What's In A Nickname?

  28. It's All About Intimidation

  29. An Instrument Of Embarrassment

  30. The Setup

  31. In The Big City

  32. A Visit With The College President

  33. The Great Bean Experiment

  34. The Chemistry Experiment

  35. It's The Simple Things That Matter Most

  36. Crossed Wires

  37. Driving With Crossed Wires

  38. Logic

  39. Happiness and Freedom

  40. A Day Of Fear and Thanksgiving

  41. The Most Important Wagon

  42. Frustration Turned To a Miracle

  43. What Students Learned In Math Class

  44. Scouts, Pickups, and Sprinklers

  45. The Wrong Kind Of Gas

  46. Forgiveness

  47. An Understanding Of Innocence

  48. A Change Of Heart

  49. Sacrifice and Forgiveness

  50. A Flood Of Procrastination

  51. Sports and Honor

  52. Where Everyone Knows You

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