The Galloping Pony (Magical Adventures & Pony Tales Book 2)

The Galloping Pony (Magical Adventures & Pony Tales Book 2)
: Angharad Thompson Rees
: Little Whimsey Press
: 32
: Kids : General
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“I’ll never be a real racehorse, my legs are too stocky, my mane is too shaggy, and my hoof beats are just too heavy to keep up.”

Warmheart loves to gallop and dreams of becoming a racehorse when he grows up. But when a real racing yard is built next to his crumbling farm, the short-legged cob realizes he can never compete against the lightning speed thoroughbreds. Yet Warmheart has bigger problems, one-by-one his friends are being sold to keep the struggling farm afloat. He might be next...

Warmheart has but one chance to ensure he and his friends can stay together: he must beat the odds and find the courage and speed to win the grand prize at the annual Pennydale.

Can one small pony’s big heart be enough to compete against the fastest horses in the land... and win?

About Magical Adventures & Pony Tales
Magical Adventures & Pony Tales is a collection of six enchanting pony inspired children’s short stories, drawing readers into magical lands with unforgettable characters and ponies. Fantastic friendships, battles between good and bad and magical mysteries all come together in this unforgettable world.

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