The Nourished Soul: How to Cultivate Self-Love and Kindness

The Nourished Soul: How to Cultivate Self-Love and Kindness
: Christine Ellis
: Good Feelings Press
: 44
: Non Fiction : General
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Self-love is the ultimate gift you give yourself.

*****Rated 5 stars by Malaya McDaniels on GoodReads.

How do you feel about yourself most days? Are you your own best friend and supporter? Do you even like yourself? Or do you experience things like this:

- You abuse yourself verbally on a daily basis (criticism, insults…)
- You might even abuse yourself physically by using toxic substances, not eating right etc.
- Staying in unhealthy relationships and accepting abuse
- Being underpaid and overworked, stuck in jobs that you do not like
- You suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence
- You downright hate yourself

The list could be longer but this sums it all up. If you said yes to any of them, the core problem is a profound lack of self-love.But I am not telling you anything new, am I? You already know that you should love yourself. The problem is that you do not know how. Even more, you probably think that you do not deserve it, for one bogus reason or another.

I used to be just like that. I am a regular person, who struggled for decades with the lack of self-love and its side-effects. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and even PTSD at some point.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this book about self-love and acceptance I will tell you my story and I will show you how I recovered. How I found my way towards self-love. Hint: I replaced “love” with “kindness”.  It is somehow easier to say “I can be kind to myself today” – and actually do it, than it is to say “I can love myself today.”

Love is a tall order. But kindness can be done.

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BONUS: This book contains the “Daily Checklist” for “The Nourished Soul – On the Art of Self-Love and Kindness”.

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