Beneath the Silver Rose (Shadyia Ascendant Book 1)

Beneath the Silver Rose (Shadyia Ascendant Book 1)
: T.S. Adrian
: 470
: Fiction : General
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"One day, none will stand against you."

When these words were first spoken to Shadyia, she did not believe them. How could a common courtesan be the progeny of a goddess?

Beneath the ballrooms of the Silver Rose palace sleeps an ancient labyrinth. Constructed by a vicious sorcerer, its twisted halls and shadowy guardians once challenged the world’s mightiest champions. When Shadyia is commanded by her madam to seduce a wealthy and mysterious scholar, she becomes ensnared in an ancient conflict between gods, villains, heroes and magicians. The scholar, Aaron of Featherquill, searches for an enchanted treasure, a key that will show the way to a forgotten city of wonders.

As Demos Azari, the adviser to a vicious order of crusading knights, schemes to ensnare Shadyia into his devious plot, she must descend into the labyrinth and solve its deadly traps. Accompanied by Aaron and her mischievous lover, Deresi, Shadyia finds the strength to defy Demos and strives to prevent a brutal demigod of chaos from returning to consume the world.

Beneath the Silver Rose begins Shadyia’s ascension into the heroine she was meant to become.
5 Stars!

I could very easily waffle on for ages here, but I won't. I'll just tell you that I read this, was captivated within the first few pages, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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