Korean Takeout Cookbook: Favorite Korean Takeout Recipes to Make at Home

Korean Takeout Cookbook: Favorite Korean Takeout Recipes to Make at Home
: Lina Chang
: The Cookbook Publisher
: 130
: Non Fiction : General
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Love Korean takeout food? Prepare authentic Korean takeout recipes and enjoy this delicious and perfectly spiced cuisine at home!
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It’s not surprising that Korean food is America’s fastest rising star on the food scene today. It meets this generation’s quest for new, exotic, and exciting gastronomic adventures. Americans are no longer hesitant to try things that are unlike what they’re accustomed to; they’re willing to try new flavors, spices, and textures. Korean cuisine undoubtedly offers all these and more.

It is a diverse and versatile cuisine. For the health conscious, there are also numerous non-dairy, gluten free, and low fat dishes to choose from. Korean food makes use of a multitude of grains, beans, vegetables, seafood, meat, and fruit. Dive into the world of Korean cuisine, and discover that it is so much more than just kimchi!

Inside, you’ll find:
• A brief history of Korean cuisine
• The ingredients, tools and equipment, as well as the cooking methods used
• Delicious appetizers and side dishes such as the Fries with Gochujang Aioli and the Korean Pancakes with Green Onion
• Rejuvenating salad recipes like the Sesame Crust Ahi Tuna Salad
• Satisfying soup recipes such as the Rice Cake Soup and the Kimchi Soup
• Tasty rice recipes such as the Korean Rice Rolls (Kimbap)
• Great noodles recipes like the Black Garlic Noodles and the Noodles in Black Bean Sauce
• Delightful hot stone recipes such as the Stone Bowl (Dolsot Bibimbap)
• Wholesome beef recipes like the Korean Beef Stew and the Beef Roll
• Satisfying chicken recipes like the Korean Fried Chicken and the Fire Chicken
• Bountiful pork recipes such as the Army Stew and the Spicy Pork Stir-fry
• Traditional seafood recipes such as the Fishcake Stew and the Fried Squid
• Flavorful vegetarian recipes like the Vegetable Bibimbap and the Korean Vegetable Curry

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